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Timber Sash Window Guide

Sash windows were traditionally a popular sight on the houses throughout the country. Unfortunately, they became outdated in the late 20th century with the introduction of PVC frames. They have now become popular again amongst homeowners, restorers, and renovators who are reintroducing this classic, authentic feature in their homes and properties. Modern sash windows have exactly the same appearance as period sash windows, they also last more than 60 years, are energy efficient, and are a beautiful addition to the property.

Different periods had different styles of sash window configuration in their properties. The primary difference was the smaller panes used in the construction of the frame. Conventionally, small panes were constructed because the single glazed window panes were particularly brittle. The smaller panes provide additional support from the additional timber frames.

The six over six design was very popular in Georgian times, whilst Victorian homes usually featured two over two. If historical accuracy is an important factor when selecting the design of your sash window it is important you opt for the most suitable configuration of window panes and lights. However, if you are merely seeking beautiful authentic timber sash windows, you can opt for any configuration of your preference without worrying about either the number or the assignment of the window panes and lights.


Today timber is the most popular material of choice when manufacturing or buying period windows. However, in previous centuries softwood was the popular choice. Rules regarding primer and the lead-based paint means that hardwood offers a longer life with less problems throughout the lifespan of the windows. Additionally, hardwood has natural oils which protect the timber from harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, hardwood has the best structural strength, but it should be noted that not all hardwood offers the same quality and benefits. When you choose a sash window installation company, make sure they use high-quality hardwood which provides a longer lifespan.

A further area where timber has seen a major improvement is in the manufacture and style of the sash window. Single glazed windows are not only weak, but they also let cold air from the outside enter which makes the interior of the property cooler. Thus, a single glazed environment increases heat consumption and results in a significant increase in fuel bills. Double or triple glazed windows ensure that outside air is unable to enter the property, thus keeping it naturally warm.

Timber sash windows are an authentic and beautiful option for your home and property, popularly in period properties. Whether you are looking to restore an older sash window with a modern and better quality alternative or you are restoring your property to give it a more periodic appearance, timber sash windows are more likely to offer the look you are aiming for.

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