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Different Construction Projects You May Get Involved With Construction is simply the process of either assembling or building infrastructure while a construction project includes all the work and materials necessary for the construction. The truth is, there are plenty of construction projects you can get into like: Number 1. Residential – as for this kind of construction project, it may consist of apartments, cottages, condominiums, townhouses, houses, single unit dwellings as well as subdivisions. The design of house are generally done by engineers and architects and its construction is carried out by builders who then hire subcontractors for electrical, structural, mechanical and several other specialty works. This kind of project should conform to codes of practice and local building authority regulations. There are many new builders who are interested to residential projects due to the reason of its ease of entry in the real estate market. Fact is, this is what made it a competitive and tough marketing along with highly potential risks and rewards. Number 2. Building – this is perhaps the most common kind of construction project done these days. Truth is, this is focused more on adding structures to real properties and a lot of these projects are about doing small renovations and room additions. New building construction projects of today are typically construction of sheltered enclosures together with walk-in access for purpose of housing equipment, machinery, supplies or people.
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Number 3. Commercial and institutional – when it comes to this construction project, this covers very broad project sizes and types similar to universities and schools, clinics and hospitals, stadiums and sports facilities, retail chain stores and large shopping centers, warehouses and light manufacturing plants, skyscrapers for hotels and offices.
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Typically, specialty engineers and architects are employed to design a certain kind of building. Primarily because of the complexity of this market segment and the high costs of it at the same time, it is sometimes hard to find a business offering such service. Number 4. Industrial – don’t underestimate this one even though it’s just a small part of the entire construction industry as it plays a significant part in it. These projects are usually owned and funded by for-profit industrial corporations similar to power generation, petroleum, medicine, manufacturing and the likes. Number 5. Specialized industrial construction – as for this construction project, it normally involves big scale projects along with high degree of technological sophistication like chemical processing plants, nuclear power plants, oil refineries and steel mills. Number 6. Highway construction – in a nutshell, high construction projects are alteration, repair or construction of new roads, streets, highways, runways, alleys, parking areas, paths and so on. This additionally includes incidental construction combined with highway construction projects.